Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer
Staff Review -- VapeNow.com
December 29, 2009

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

Specifications :

  • Ion Voltage Input: 110 - 120V 50/60Hz
  • Temperature range: 100°F - 440°F
  • Dimensions: 6.25” Wide, 6.75” Deep, 10.75” Tall

Pros & Cons

  • Pros :
    • Price Price Price, far less expensive than any comparable vaporizer.
    • One handed operation
    • Fast heat up time (3 minutes)
    • Easy to change the chalice/basket
    • Solid construction
    • Fast bag fill (30 seconds)
    • Can be used as a forced air or direct draw unit.
    • Auto off feature
    • Plenty of extras in the box i.e. spare bags, mouthpiece, screens, filters, USB cord, chalices and o-rings
    • Excellent customer service and product support.
    • Large digital display
    • Long power cord, longest cord I have seen on a vaporizer
  • Cons :
    • Bag may leak vapors if the ziptie isn't seated properly
    • Push button on mouthpiece is a little stiff at first, may be hard to work for persons with limited mobility.
    • Not very portable

The Bottom Line: I was both impressed and surprised by the simplicity of use of the Zephyr Ion. After trying many other over or under engineered vaporizers I am pleased to see one that eliminates a bunch of useless steps. I want to get from "gee I would like some vapors" to "ahhhh them vapors work well" with as few steps in between as possible. The Zephyr Ion Vaporizer fits the bill nicely. It is great to see a vaporizer that works exactly as advertised.

  • Components/Parts:
    • Housing: The case is made from a sturdy non reactive hard plastic molded into a sexy modern design.
    • Air Pump: Super fast and quiet air pump.
    • Heating Element: Ceramic encased heating element so none of the air passes by the heating coils.
    • Filling Chamber: Easy one handed filling chamber and steel/mesh filling basket (chalice).
    • Bag: Standard vaporizer bag with Zephyr Logo, each bag lasts about a month of fairly steady use.
    • Wand: Glass wand for direct draw usability.

Quickstart (Bag Style)

Plug the unit in, turn on the unit, set the temperature, place finely ground biomass into the chalice, place the chalice into the filling chamber, place the bag onto the filling straw, once the light is green press the air button, once the bag is full press the air button again. Remove the bag, inhale. Repeat.

Quickstart (Direct Inhale)

Plug the unit in, turn on the unit, set the temperature, place finely ground biomass into the chalice, place the chalice into the filling chamber, place the wand/hose unit on the filling straw, once the light is green inhale through the wand/hose unit. Repeat (it may take a couple draws to heat the biomass properly). The hands free wand can stay on the unit until the biomass is depleted or you are done vaporizing.


The cleaning process for the Zephyr Ion is pretty straight forward and simple. Blow off any debris built up in the filling chamber or screen on the straw. Use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the inside of the straw. The inside of the straw and the bags/wands are the only areas that should have oil residue built up.

Other Tips and tricks:

  • I have found that if I indent the screen on the base of the straw I get slightly better airflow and faster bag fill times.
  • For the thickest vapors it is good to leave the biomass in the filling chamber for a couple minutes before filling the bag or using the hands free wand.
  • Open the lid when the unit is on and not in use to prevent to much heat buildup inside the unit.

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