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Get with the times and upgrade to a Digital Vaporizer! If you’ve been using an older model for awhile now, then you’re missing out on the convenience of having a digitally displayed temperature gauge and other high tech accessories. The digital age is here and in full swing so you should benefit from all the technology that is available. Anyone who knows anything about vapor technology will tell you that the Volcano is one of the premier luxury Digital Vaporizers on the market. In fact it was the first big name in top shelf vaporizer units and carved out quite a niche among the upper crust of aromatherapy enthusiasts.

The majority of the vaporizers you will see rely on the breath of the user to move the air and draw the vapor. Volcano was one of the first manufacturers to master the forced air design, in which a stream of controlled hot air is propelled through the herbs or tobacco. This particular vaporizer features refillable, reusable balloons as opposed to a whip that would be used for direct inhalation. The forced air fills the balloon bags with fresh, gentle vapor. There is a valve which allows the user to draw vapor from the bag at his or her own pace; making for one of the most effective and efficient aromatic experience.

Recently the Zephyr Ion has taken the Digital Vaporizer world by storm and given the Volcano some serious competition for the number one spot. Its superior craftsmanship and unique design makes it a favorite among users and critics alike. It is also made in the USA, unlike the German engineered Volcano. The versatile herb or tobacco chamber and the extremely easy to read digital temperate display are just a couple of its stand out features. Because this device has only been on the market for such a short time, the jury is still out. Time will tell if in fact the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer will surpass the Volcano Vaporizer as the best Digital Vaporizer.

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