Volatizer VM3 Portable Vaporizer Review

Volatizer VM3 Vaporizer
Staff Review -- VapeNow.com
October 23, 2009

Volatizer VM3 Vaporizer Up for review is the Volatizer VM3 Vaporizer. It is a full featured portable vaporizer that is the only portable unit on the market with digital temperature control. We at VapeNow.com hope you find this review helpful and informative.

Pros & Cons
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Has two unique safety features
  • The only portable vaporizer with digital temperature control; great for those vaporizing multiple herbs
  • Comes with ten refillable herb discs
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Very efficient
  • Older design is bulky compared to newer portable units
  • Not the best tasting vapor; we sometimes got a plastic taste
  • The bottom right corner of the unit can get hot when vaporizing at higher temperatures (250 C and above)
  • Expensive

THE BOTTOM LINE:The Volatizer VM3s approach is innovative and unique among portable vaporizers. The unit has an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery that the manufacturer reports can last up to three days with normal use. We never had the battery die on us during use, and it only ran out after sitting idle for a few weeks. Although the unit is an older design, the VM3 still has many features that newer models lack. The unit comes with ten refillable ceramic herb discs that can be pre-loaded for easy switching when travelling. It is still the only portable model on the market today that has variable digital temperature control. The unit comes with two safety features that keep you from accidentally turning it on: 1) The internal mouthpiece must be extended, and 2) the herb disc chamber must be closed.

The VM3 does have its drawbacks, however. The size of the unit is roughly the size of an iolite, only twice as thick. This makes it bulky for pockets and probably could not fit inside a jeans pocket. The unit gets uncomfortably hot on the bottom right corner when at the higher temperatures (although these higher temperatures are not necessary for the most commonly used herbs). The vapor quality was not as good as several other models on the market, including the iolite and the VaporGenie. Finally, this unit is expensive, costing nearly as much as a Volcano.

Components/Parts: Essentially, there are three separate parts to the VM3 Vaporizer. There is the unit itself which includes the hot air generator, the mouthpiece, the herb chamber, the internal battery and all the controls. The other components are the ceramic herb discs (10) and the power adapter. The kit also includes a mouthpiece cleaner and a carrying case for the VM3 and all its accessories. The unit measures 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick. The herb discs are ceramic with metal screens on both sides. One of the screens is removable, allowing you to fill the disc and close it back up.


  1. Open the mouth piece cover and push the mouth piece out.
  2. Fill a ceramic herb disc with finely ground tobacco.
  3. Put the herb disc in the herb chamber slot and shut the door.
  4. Turn the unit on and set it to the temperature you desire (start out at 190 Celsius and experiment from there). We got visible vapor starting at 220 C.
  5. Press the heat button and hold it in while it is heating up.
  6. When the unit has reached its desired temperature, continue holding the heat button and inhale.
  7. Once you release the heat button, the unit will begin to cool down. This is another safety feature.


  • Be sure not to cover the vents on the shutter where the ceramic herb disc goes, they allow optimal air flow to maximize the efficiency of the VM3.
  • Remember to hold the heat button while inhaling to keep the heater in the VM3 activated.
  • If the Heat Chamber shutter door is open or the mouth piece has not been pulled out, the unit will not turn on; these are safety features.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the ceramic herb disc; it is going to be hot. When you open up the herb chamber, the disc can shoot out be careful when it is hot.
  • If the battery dies, the unit can still be used when plugged into the wall while charging.
  • This unit can be very efficient if you only fill the herb discs lightly.

The included pipe cleaner is perfect for cleaning the mouthpiece. If you should need to clean the herb discs, soak them in isopropyl alcohol and rinse thoroughly with water.

That's all for the VM3. Thanks for reading.
-- The VapeNow Staff

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