Vapormatic Deluxe Review

Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer Review 
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December 21, 2008 

Vapormatic VaporizerThis is a review of the Vapormatic Deluxe, which is made by Vapir. This classy and stylish vaporizer is a fan powered unit that comes with a digital temperature display.  You can also alternate between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. There are also two dials for changing the temperature and fan speed. We hope you find the review helpful.

Pros and Cons


  • Accurate digital temperature reading in both C/F
  • Easy to control fan speed
  • Small and stylish casing
  • Easy to use disk chamber
  • Quick to heat up
  •  Fan supported direct draw
  • User friendly balloon system
  • Stainless steel chrome outer casing


  • Fan is always running and can be noisy
  • Inconvenient direct draw with short whip
  • Small airflow to the fan from underneath
  • Thick bags and square bag shape limit expansion
  • Must reset your temperature setting with each start up

THEBOTTOM LINE:  The Vapormatic Deluxe is a great table top vaporizer that can and will make your vaporizing experience a great one. This unit provides a rich taste whether you want to use the direct draw method or fill a balloon. Also with the great variety of fan speeds you can use this unit for all your aromatherapy needs. The stylish case will draw the attention of everyone who sits around it. It looks a lot like a futuristic, chromed-out toaster oven.  The Vapormatic Deluxe weighs approximately 8 pounds and is very sturdy.  It is very similar to the (now-discontinued) Mystifire by Pyro Products.  In fact, Pyro Products licensed Vapir’s technology for their Mysifire unit, so if you are looking for a Mystifre and can’t find one, consider the Vapormatic Deluxe.  It’s essentially the same – a solid tabletop vape that will serve your vaporizing needs quite satisfactorily.

Components and Parts

  • A 110 volt U.S. Vapormatic Deluxe Stainless steel chrome with retro-cool style outer case (5 ft long power cord).
  • Ceramic/quartz heating element ensures clean vapor.
  • 1 removable filling drawer to prevent overheating.
  • 2 re-usable empty herb disks.
  • Matrix tube attachment, bout 15 inches long.
  • 1 inflation kit with 5 balloons.

Getting started

Make sure your bag is ready and your tubing is in the opening on top of the unit. Check to make sure it doesn’t touch the metal located beneath the red cap or it will melt. The red cap is removable to check your tubing distance.

  • Make sure your fan dial (left side) is as far counter clock-wise as possible.
  • Remove disk chamber and fill with your favorite tobacco or herbs.
  • Set the temperature dial (right side) to the desired setting and press on the knob to activate the heater.
  • Insert a disk with tobacco or herbs into the filling tray and slide it into the Vapormatic.
  • Put your bag on the tube and term up your fan speed to a desired setting
  • Enjoy!

Please notice that experimenting with the fan speeds and temp settings on the Vapormatic Deluxe will help you find the sweet spot for optimal vapor.

Cleaning tips

  • Use a make-up brush or something of that fashion to clean your disk screens.
  • Tie a cotton swab to a string and pull it through the tubing to clean it.
  • Wipe down the outside of the unit to keep it shining (chamois cloth not included).

We hope this review has been helpful and that you will contact us with any questions.  Thanks for reading. 

-- The VapeNow Staff 

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