Vaporisers Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is dangerous but vaporiser aromatherapy can be less harmful

Unless you are leaving a job that you hate, quitting is never an easy proposition because it usually involves giving up something that you enjoy doing. Every year people try to make a positive change in their life by letting go of a nasty habit like smoking or drinking or other types of risky behavior. Positive peer pressure from family and friends is usually the motivation, although concern for one’s own health and well being can be a good reason as well. If you have a good support group and plenty of people to keep you accountable then your chances of success are going to be high, but you can always sneak around and continue to indulge in your bad habits if you really want to. The only way you can guarantee the results you want is to truly want to change and make a serious commitment to yourself to stick with it. All the support in the world is not going to make you quit anything if you lack the will and discipline to make it happen.

Cold turkey is the best method for smoking cessation in my opinion because simply “cutting back” is a slippery slope and drags out the process (and withdrawals) a lot longer than necessary. If you can make it through the 3 to 5 days of difficult detoxification, then your system will be free from nicotine and the rest is just a mental battle. Vaporisers are wonderful because they offer a method of herbal inhalation that is completely smoke free, so you can satisfy your cravings to smoke without actually lighting up. Once you take the combustion out of the equation, you drastically reduce tar, dangerous particulates and the dangerous carcinogens that smoke delivers straight to your lungs. I bought my Vaporiser specifically for the purpose of weaning myself from my smoking habit. But once I learned about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, I kept on using Vaporisers for relaxation and as a fun hobby that replaced smoking. With the exception of bar-b-q, there is nothing good about smoke! You might think that it’s calming your nerves, but in reality, smoke can actually increase anxiety and can put a lot of strain on the central nervous system. Quitting is a daunting task, so instead of quitting, trade your filthy, unhealthy habit of smoking for an enjoyable, relaxing hobby like aromatherapy!

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