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Vaporfection Stealth II VDS Vaporizer
Staff Review --
November 23, 2008

This review sums up the Pros and Cons of the Vaporfection Stealth II VDS Vaporizer, one of the vaporizer market's top-of-the-line direct-inhale models. It also goes into detail about the different components of the system, cleaning, as well as some useful tips and tricks. We at hope you find it helpful and informative.

Pros & Cons:

Pros :
  • Glass encapsulated heating element
  • Easy to dial in perfect vaporizing temperature
  • Quiet fans
  • Electronics separated from heat and vapor path
  • Thermal couple (temperature regulation) that quickly reacts to heat fluctuations
  • 700 watts, hard to find an inverter that big if you want vape on the go
  • Slightly bulky design
  • Although fans are quiet, they make more noise than units without fans
THE BOTTOM LINE:  The Vaporfection Stealth II VDS is one of the priciest, but also one of the best whip based vaporizers on the market today.  It has a powder coated, aluminum casing and a simple digital readout so that you can easily select your optimal vaporizing temperature.  After you turn the unit on, you will know it is ready for vaping action when the green light turns on and the dual fans begin spinning.  If you have used previous whip based vaporizers such as the SSV or Vapor Brothers, you might have noticed that you can control the type of vapor you get by the way you inhale.  When you inhale slowly and softl/gently, you get thick vapor .  When you inhale quickly, the vapor is thinner.  There are two reasons for this:
  • When you inhale slower, the heat spends more time over the tobacco or herbs and thus, more vapor is released.
  • When you inhale with a lot of lung power, the air flow cools off the heating element and it is difficult for the vaporizer to quickly compensate without some sort of digital temperature controller. 

You’re probably asking yourself, why does this matter?  The short answer is, if your vaporizer has a digital thermal couple that can quickly adjust to temperature fluctuations, you do not have to be restricted to slow inhalations to get thick vapor.  Vaporizers with a digital thermal couple such as the Vaporfection allow you to inhale the way YOU want to inhale without worrying about over-cooling your heating element.  This is especially useful if you have someone new to vaporizing and you want to make sure that person has a great first impression of vaporizing by getting good vapor.  In addition to the thermal couple processor, the air and vapor path are completely separated from the electronics, so you can rest easy that your vapor will be free of any impurities that might off gas from the electronic circuit board.  It also uses a glass encapsulated heating element so there is very little, if any, alteration to the taste of the vapor.  Don’t get me wrong, the other whip based vaporizers are great, but if you have the extra money, the Vaporfection offers  peace of mind knowing that you are never exceeding the optimal vaping temperatures with its accurate thermal couple controller and is much more forgiving to different draw speeds.  It earns my top pick for high end, digital, whip based vaporizers.


Silicone, medical grade whip tubing
– tubing is made of inert materials that are inactive at vaping temperature.

All glass, whip mouthpiece – custom blown mouthpiece that attaches to one end of the silicon, medical grade tubing.

All glass, whip/wand
– custom glass piece that attaches to opposite end of silicon, medical grade tubing

Quickstart Guide:
This is among one of the easiest vaporizers to use:

  • Turn unit on
  • Set desired vaping temperature
  • Wait for vaporizer to reach optimal vaping temp
  • Insert finely chopped/ground tobacco or herbs into to whip chamber
  • Insert the whip into the vaporizing chamber
  • Enjoy by either taking fast or slow inhalations
  • After 5 inhalations, stir and further crush tobacco/herbs into finer pieces
  • Enjoy another 5-7 inhalations
  • Throw away vaped material

Separate the glass pieces from the tubing. Put it all in some Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol for an hour or so. Rinse off with water, dry, and reassemble. You may have to use a small scrub brush to get it thoroughly clean but the alcohol should remove most of the material that has been collected on the glass

This is one of the most user friendly vaporizer’s on the market.  I would recommend vaping at a lower temperature, about 308 to begin with, and work your way up.  Unlike the box style, whip vapes, you do not have to tilt the unit a specific way so that the material does not drop into the machine.  The only thing you want to keep in mind is to inhale when the light is on.  When the light goes off, the vaporizer needs to heat back up to the optimum vaping temperature.

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