Using A Vaporizer Pipe Is Less Harmful Than Smoking

A Vaporizer Pipe tucks nicely into your pocket and is a great alternative to traditional smoking

Wouldnít it be nice to combine the simplicity of a tobacco pipe with the efficiency of an herbal vaporizer? The Vaporizer Pipe does just that! Traditional pipes use fire to burn the plant material and the user inhales the smoke. A vaporizer uses the principle of convection and transfers heat from the source (the lighterís flame) and indirectly warms the active ingredient of your plant material. The essence of your herbs or tobacco begins to boil and the resulting vapor is much gentler and less harmful than smoke.

If you have never used a vaporizer before then you should be warned: because this method of inhalation is so incredibly efficient, a Portable Vaporizer can actually be more potent than smoke so you should take care and start slow. The vapor may seem light and airy, but just because it isnít thick and dark like smoke does not mean it is weak or ineffective. Portable Vaporizers have many advantages and favorable features, but their top selling point is definitely their size. A Vaporizer Pipe can fit comfortably in a purse or pocket and be with you wherever you may go. Since you donít need electricity, you do not have to deal with a tangle of wires and cords like you would with larger, bulkier models.

It is so simple and actually quite brilliant. Vaporizing technology allows you to enjoy the active ingredient of your herbs or tobacco without inhaling any smoke. The convection method employed by lighter powered Portable Vaporizers harnesses the heat of a flame without subjecting the user to many of the harmful side effects. Smoking puts a lot of harmful particulates into your lungs and airways and if you are using a lighter then you are also breathing in butane or whatever other lighter fluid it contains. Vaporizer Pipes eliminate the smoke as well as the butane so the benefit is two-fold!

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