The Positive Power Of Aromatherapy And Herb Vapourizers

Most modern pharmaceuticals are inspired by and in some cases actually used to be made from a naturally occurring chemical found in plants. Scientists have found ways to manipulate the chemistry of certain herbs in ways that can make medicines more effective; but oftentimes over the counter and prescription drugs can come with side effects that are just as nasty as the symptoms that are being treated. One of the best things you can do for your body is to minimize the amount of unnatural chemicals you ingest, whether they come from over the counter and prescription medicine or genetically altered food and meat filled with hormones. I am not saying to disregard the advice of your physician, but I am saying to be aware of everything that you put into your system, and think twice; I did some research on herbal remedies and natural healing for the sake of my well being.

Many common ailments that are usually treated with over the counter and/or prescription medicine could be treated with essential oils and aromatherapy. All you need is a Vapourizer with a diffuser to get started. You can choose from a wide variety of popular herbs and botanicals and find that each one has its own unique beneficial properties. Lavender, goldenseal, cinnamon and garlic for example have all been studied for treating the common cold and the side effects can be less harmful for some people than typical antihistamine drugs that a pharmacy might recommend. The flu is thought by some to be treated with antiviral herbs found in teas and homemade tinctures. Diabetes, which is steadily rising among Americans and will soon be the most common health problem in our young people, could be addressed with natural herbs such as eucalyptus, fenugreek, alfalfa, and juniper. Vapourizers heat herbs to a certain temperature which will release the active ingredient into a gentle vapor which can be inhaled. The vapor does not contain smoke so it will not be as irritating to the mouth, throat and respiratory tract.

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