The Invention Of The Herbal Vaporizer

What are Vaporizers and how exactly do they work compared to traditional smoking?

Man’s discovery of how to create and control fire is considered to be one of the earliest and most important human innovations; it marks a turning point in our development as we had stepped out of the dark ages and into a new and relatively modern life. Archeologists surmise that evidence of controlled fire can be found as early as the Stone Age, which can be placed as far as about 800,000 years ago. Before that, people had to rely on the sun for heat and light. Food would have been eaten raw since they wouldn’t have had the ability to cook. In today’s post modern society where anyone can flick a Bic and hold a flame in the palm of their hand, it is tough to imagine a time when we had to rub sticks together as a means of creating fire.

While fire remains an awesome force of nature and a powerful tool when used properly, one cannot overlook its tremendous ability to inflict harm with its dangerous byproduct: smoke. Only very recently have we come to understand all the adverse effects that smoke inhalation can have on the lungs and airways, which makes the invention of the Vaporizer so timely and so important. A Vaporizer uses heat to release the active ingredients of herbs or tobacco without actually burning them. When the plant material reaches the optimal temperature (typically between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit) the essence of the plant will boil off and become vapor, which is much gentler than smoke and much easier to inhale.

There are many different types of herbal Vaporizers on the market today. Some have their own internal heating element and others use the heat from a lighter. When used correctly, they are both equally effective and produce potent yet gentle vapor. Although the Vaporizer may not go down in history as one of the top ten inventions of all time, it can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that a typical smoker would normally inhale; those who experience the benefits of these devices would agree that they are extraordinary!

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