The Advantages Of Vapourisers Over Smoke

Stop smoking today with vapouriser technology

Most people have seen Vapourisers and many have tried them or at least know someone who has, but do you actually know it does? They come in many different shapes and sizes, but the basic science is the same no matter how big or small the actual device. Once heated to a certain temperature, dried herbs will release the active components into aromatic vapor; and that is what a Vapouriser does. It may look like a space-aged hooka or some other fancy smoking device, but in fact it is not even close. Because there is no burning, scorching or combustion of any kind, the vapor contains less of the toxic particles like tar and other carcinogens that smoke does, despite its similar appearance.

When an herb is burned, the smoke that is created can irritate the mouth, throat, eyes, and lungs as well as leave behind an unpleasant odor. To add insult to injury, the combustion process also destroys a good amount of the active ingredient, making it less effective. Seasoned smokers often think that fire plus plant material equals ash; meaning a job well done. While it may seem unnatural to see the green, purple or yellow color of the plant remaining after using a Vapouriser, this is actually the more efficient way to enjoy your herbs. The stench of smoke lingers in clothing, furniture and even the walls long after the fire is extinguished. Vapor is cleaner and does not leave behind as much stale odor and nasty residue. If you live with small children or other non-smokers you should definitely quit smoking because every time you light up you are putting them at risk. Secondhand smoke can be deadly and it is not right to put others in harmís way. Not only will you be doing something better for your health, but you will be improving the lives of those around you.

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