Small, Powerful And Perfect For Vaporizing Herbs

Handheld Vapor technology for convenience and travel

You donít need a big box and you donít need a large tower with a bunch of moving parts. Strip away all the unnecessary pieces and all you really need in a vaporizer is a heating element, a chamber for whatever is being vaporized, and a whip or other delivery system. Oxygen Mini Vaporizer Parts are stripped down to the bare essentials, leaving you with a sleek affordable, portable device that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Itís only about 6 inches long but it packs a powerful punch. It even has digital temperature control so you know exactly when the element has reached the proper temperature for optimum performance. When I first started using a vaporizer, my number one complaint was the inconvenience of being confined to a certain space (since it had to be plugged into an outlet); I also did not appreciate having to wait for the unit to heat up. I felt like I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil! But, for the sake of my lungs I stuck it out and I am glad I did because I finally stumbled upon this quality, hand held device that is battery powered and heats up super quick. My 02 Mini is ready to go at a momentís notice.

Some of the portable vaporizers youíll find on the market take regular batteries that need to be replaced regularly. Vapir decided to go green and every Mini comes with a rechargeable battery, which saves money and hassle and is good for the environment. The only thing you might want to consider purchasing is the Oxygen Mini Vaporizer Screen Set which you can get from Just add it to your order when you buy your vaporizer so there is no need to worry about it later. Shipping is free on orders over $75 so it makes sense to get a few extra at the time of your order.

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