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As a less harmful alternative to smoking, many have been enjoying the gentler and tastier flavor of vapor. Those who have made the switch enjoy an effective method of inhaling the active ingredient in their herbs or tobacco with fewer irritants for the respiratory system than typically found in smoke. The device you choose to use can have a significant impact on your overall vaporization experience. So, how can you be sure that you are getting the right vaporizer? Ideally, you would try several different units for yourself; compare the pros and cons of each and make an educated decision. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any manufacture that lets you take their equipment for a test run! If you personally know someone who owns a vaporizing device and is happy with its performance, perhaps you can give it a try and see how you like it. If you’ve got 10 friends with 10 different vaporizers then you should have no problem picking one that you like. But that probably isn’t the case so you will have to rely on the next best thing: Vaporizer Reviews.

I am very skeptical and I have a difficult time relying on product reviews that could easily be falsified or written by someone with an ulterior motive. Credibility can be difficult to discern, but there are a few telltale signs that one can look for in a review that may help you determine its legitimacy. To help you become a savvy consumer, I will share with you some of things that I look for when trying to decide which Vaporizer Reviews I feel I can rely on, and which reviews I choose to ignore. First of all, do not confuse a product description with a product review. A description should be relatively neutral, outlining the specifications of the device, listing all parts and accessories that you should expect to receive with the purchase and maybe some basic operating instructions. It would be a baseless assumption to think that you know how well a vaporizer will perform just from reading its description alone. Superlatives like “best in its class” or “number one in the industry” are opinions that might be true to the author, but do not take into account the personal preference of every individual user. What you want to read are testimonials, actual accounts from people who bought a vaporizer with their own money and are sharing their experience with potential customers.

While no company wants to highlight their shortcomings, an honest and reputable company has no reason to hide anything from their future customers. If I see nothing but positive reviews on a particular site then I feel like it could be a red flag. I like to see a few dissenting opinions; it provides me with a feeling of authenticity. Even the best and most expensive vaporizer in the world is not 100% perfect in the eyes of everyone who has ever used it.

I choose not to rely on anonymous Vaporizer Reviews. An actual name or at the very least a username should be attached to the review to ensure that an actual customer wrote it. Whenever I make a significant purchase, especially online, there is generally a follow up email asking me to take part in a survey. Sometimes I participate and sometimes I do not. If my experience was especially magnificent or particularly miserable, then I usually will participate and voice my opinion. If the transaction was average or unremarkable, then I probably will not feel the need. I am guessing that most consumers have similar habits; they report the extremes and keep those middle-of-the-road experiences to themselves.

When reading Vaporizer Reviews, keep these things in mind. Remember that descriptions are not reviews and the most reliable reviews are testimonials that come from actual customers. Talk with people you know that already own vaporizers and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you cannot find all the answers you are looking for, contact a vendor or the manufacturer directly. has a huge selection of vaporizers, along with unbiased customer testimonials as well as instructional videos. Their website is a great source for information and they are a reliable vendor to buy from, with excellent customer support.

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