Purple Days Review

Purple Days Vaporizer Review
Staff Review -- VapeNow.com
November 22, 2008

The Purple Days vaporizer is fairly new to the market but uses a proven design that most closely resembles the classic Eterra.  As stated on the Purple-Days website- “Inspired by a 1978 patent for nicotine delivery without smoking, we have taken that concept and upgraded it to 21st century materials.”  ‘Upgraded’ is an understatement with the Purple-Days.  Its design and materials are far superior to earlier models.  A three year warranty is supplied, but due to the simplicity of the design and the rugged construction, should not be needed.

Pros & Cons

Purple Days VaporizerPros:

  • Extremely efficient
  • Healthy – all internal components are RoHS compliant
  • Simple design for high reliability
  • Small size and ‘one handed’ use
  • 12V operation for easy portability
  • Low power consumption for 24/7 ‘on’ time
  • Very reasonable price w/three yr. warranty


  • Small filling chamber compared to standard whip models
  • 30 warm-up time
  • No variable temperature control

THE BOTTOM LINE:  All in all, a very satisfying vaporizer to use, and the craftsmanship is excellent.  The build time for a single vape is several hours, and much time and care is spent on the fit and finish.  This is no slapped together wood box.  It’s more like a highly functional and reliable work of art.  Considering the performance and build quality, this vape is a true bargain at $150 for the Original Cherry (other woods are slightly higher), and should provide many years of trouble free service.  Note: the makers of the Purple Days increased the price to $180 on April 15th, 2009. The small chamber and lack of glass and lengthy tubing help to make this vape very efficient, with very little vapor loss due to condensation. 

The key to the unit’s excellent performance is a stainless steel heat exchanger with sixty radiating fins for increased surface area.  The exchanger allows the unit to maintain a constant temperature in the range of 370-385 F.  The downside to the large heat exchanger is the warm-up time of about 30 minutes.  It’s designed to run 24/7 though, only using the equivalent of two 8W night lights.  A simple timer can also be used to turn the unit on/off at the desired times.  It has no on/off switch, just an appropriately colored purple LED to indicate that the unit is on.  The simple design and rugged construction should make this a very reliable vape for many years to come.  I can envision many Purple-Days units being passed down to the next generation of vapor fans.  There are some interesting (and entertaining) durability tests at youtube.com.  Just search for Purple-Days vaporizer.


The Purple Days vaporizer is very simply, but elegantly designed.  There are only two components besides the power cords/adapters:
  1. A hand-finished wood base unit which contains the heating element
  2. The vapor tubes. 

The unit is the size of a soft drink can, with a slightly rounded edge to the top, and weighing about 11 oz.  It’s a top loader, like the Vapolution, using a 3” Polypropylene, FDA approved vapor tube with a ¼” stainless steel filling chamber.  The vapor tubes are 3.75” long and about the size of a cigar in diameter.

Quickstart --

The size of the Purple Days and short vapor tubes make it a truly one-handed unit.  Once it’s reached the necessary temp range as indicated by the pilot light on the side, a vapor tube can be loaded and inserted into the top the exchanger.  Loading can be accomplished with various methods, and the tube needs to be lightly packed to secure the contents and still allow sufficient airflow.  Make sure that you load the right end of the tube!  Load the end with the metal, not the plastic end.  As you draw on the vapor tube, air is pulled down through two holes in the top disk of the heat exchanger.  The holes are offset-not a straight shot down through the exchanger, so there’s no chance for foreign particles to fall through.  The air moves down, gaining heat as it passes a series of radiating fins on the exchanger.  After the air hits bottom, it travels up into the heat exchanger tube.  The heavy duty ceramic resistor is at the bottom of the tube and in contact with the tube wall, where it gives up its excess heat to the exchanger, and is stored there.

The first draw heats and expands your tobacco or herbs at the tube opening and helps to seal them inside the tube.  The number of draws per filling can vary from a couple to 6-8, depending on the strength of your draw and the consistency of the material used.  After a chamber is vaporized, the spent material can be easily blown out into the container of your choice.  A small muslin bag is supplied for this purpose.  Warning- once the tube cools off it takes much greater force to blow out the used material.  It provides very satisfactory vapor draws considering the small bowl size, and thanks to the large heat exchanger, does not require any significant pause between draws to regain proper vapor temp. 


It’s also very easy to maintain the Purple Days, with only the tubes needing to be cleaned.  A plastic bottle for tube cleaning is included.  Just drop the tube in the bottle with some isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes, then shake, remove, and flush with hot water and the tube is ready for use again.

Other Tips

  • The Purple Days vaporizer is a 12V electrical design, making it user friendly in mobile situations where battery power is available.  An adapter cord with cigarette lighter connection is included in the kit. 
  • All internal components are RoHS compliant (free of hazardous substances, including lead) and that even extends to the wiring.  No other vaporizer currently makes the RoHS compliant statement.  A heavy duty ceramic resistor provides the heat for the exchanger, which is ingeniously spring loaded into the housing.  Only the top of the heat exchanger is exposed, but it’s recessed below the top of the unit, minimizing the chance of skin contact with the hot metal. 
  • The housing is a beautifully finished hardwood, and a choice of various woods is available.  The manufacturer also includes a sample of Buzz-Butter, his own formulation (Beeswax and flax oil) for keeping the wood protected and attractive. The small sample tin should last for years.  
  • If you have a piece of hardwood you would like to use, it may be possible to custom make a Purple Days with it.

Kit contents:

  • Wall Adapter (excludes International purchases)
  • Car Adapter
  • Aromatherapy Cup
  • Three vapor tubes
  • Heavy muslin bag for accessories
  • Matching bag for herb waste
  • Tube cleaning bottle
  • Violet Blossom fragrance oil
  • Buzz-Butter sample tin

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