Portable Vaporizing Technology: The Vapor Genie

The new way to vape

Vaporizers are much better for your lungs than conventional smoking, but many people would rather not deal with the hassle of using bulky, complicated equipment to enjoy their herbal blends. It is much quicker and easier to smoke the old fashioned way. Volcanoes and other high end vapes are pretty much for home use only and are not exactly portable. The Vapor Genie allows you to take your vaporizer with you wherever you go. Great for travel, these portable devices are compact and discreet, with no hoses or cables and no need for electricity. This brilliant design uses the flame from an ordinary lighter to heat and release the active ingredients without burning the tobacco or herbs. The secret is in the ceramic filter that keeps the flame from touching the plant material.

VaporGenie Portable devices allow you to experience the full flavor and benefits of your herbs without all the harmful effects on your respiratory system. You will immediately notice the difference and be amazed at the superior taste of the vapor. It is surprising how overpowering the butane from your lighter can be. It actually prevents you from enjoying the actual flavor of the herbs as well as creating tar and other toxins that are produced by combustion. The hand carved maple wood has a very classy appearance that you will be proud to use and your friends will probably be a bit jealous.

In addition to the portability, the Vapor Genie is super easy to use. Itís not much different than a conventional pipe; very straight forward. If you know how to work a lighter, then this will be a breeze. No complicated temperature controls to deal with and no waiting for the element to heat up. You control the temperature by holding the lighter closer or further away and by varying the speed of your inhale. Get rid of your old pipe and try out the Genie. Order yours today from Vapenow.com. Talk to one our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives about free shipping on your next order!

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