How To Operate Your Herbal Vaporizer

The proper way to operate the most common type of Vapourizers that are sold on the market today

Operating a Vapourizer can be as simple as flipping a switch or pressing a button. Some models carry the stigma that they are complicated because of the dials, cords, and digital displays. Many top shelf units come with several electronic components and helpful features that are meant to make your aromatic experience easier, not more difficult. If you are concerned about learning how to use Vapourizers or just want some simple directions on how to operate one then allow me to explain.

First of all, always read any instructions that come with your unit before operating it for the first time. Be sure to set it up in a well ventilated area that has access to an electrical outlet. Check your device for any check your device for any dust that might be leftover from the manufacturing process and wipe it down thoroughly. The very first time you turn it on you should let your device run for at least 10 minutes without any herbs or tobacco so that any moisture left in the heating element can evaporate can evaporate.

Remember never to touch the heating element because it gets very hot! Some models are designed so that the element is concealed and cannot be touched, but most of the popular box style models have an element that is somewhat exposed so you must use caution. With a digital display it is simple to set the desired temperature, but like an oven, you must give it a few minutes to preheat, and reach the temperature that is shown on the display. While the Vapourizer is warming up, you will have time to prepare your herbs or tobacco. It is best to grind the plant material into small pieces so that the heat can reach the maximum amount of surface area. You should fill the receptacle to no more than two thirds of its capacity. This will also help maximize the efficiency of your machine.

Place the receptacle onto the unit as per the instructions and inhale slowly. Some units have the ability to force air with fans but most allow you to control the flow of vapor with your own breath. Once you become familiar with your Vapourizer, you will learn exactly how quickly it heats up, how finely you need to grind the plant material, and the best pace to draw in the vapor. Always turn off and unplug your unit when not in use. Enjoy! Grab a portable or handheld unit to avoid all the cords.

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