How To Clean Your Tobacco Vaporizer

Keeping your Tobacco Vaporizer clean a few simple steps

There are many schools of thought on the subject of cleaning a Tobacco Vaporizer. Depending on the type of device that you own, there are various methods that can be employed to keep your vaporizer clean and in top working condition. Ideally, a vaporizer should be thoroughly cleaned after every use. This rarely happens for several reasons: 1) you need to wait until the device cools down so you can handle it, 2) most people would rather just relax after enjoying their vaporizer and do not feel like cleaning, and 3) the device does not appear noticeable dirty after a single use. If you can fight against your natural inclinations and properly clean and maintain your vaporizer, it will last you a very long time.

Each particular Tobacco Vaporizer should come with its own instructions about proper care and maintenance and it is important to read this manual carefully before using it for the first time. The following information is specifically designed to help those who own a box style, table top vaporizer; the type that come with a hand piece and a whip. For portable, handheld devices and volcano style vaporizers that use inflatable balloons, please refer to the instructions or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

In order to clean the hand piece, you need to first remove the plastic tubing. In most cases it should become loose by running it under hot water for awhile. If it still will not budge, try creating a slit in the tube to release the hand piece. You will then need to cut away a few centimeters of the tubing away to even out the end and get rid of the slit. Once the hand piece is separated, place it in a Ziploc bag and fill it with enough rubbing alcohol to completely submerge the hand piece. Before sealing the bag, sprinkle in about a table spoon of salt. Gently shake it around until you can see that it has been cleaned. The alcohol solution will become cloudy with any residue that has been removed; this is a good indicator to watch for. Then you need to rinse the hand piece with warm water. If it is not completely clean, then repeat the process. You can purchase ready mixed cleaning solutions, but I have found them to be no more effective than simply using salt and alcohol.

The plastic tube that comes with your Tobacco Vaporizer is generally top quality medical grade tubing. Your tubing can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, but it can be a bit more tricky than the glass parts. If you'd prefer to avoid the hassle, you can also buy replacement tubing, which is widely available at very reasonable prices both online and at medical supply stores. We recommend that you always buy either medical or food grade silicone tubing for your vaporizer whip.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is an important part of owning a Tobacco Vaporizer. You will notice that the flavor of the vapor you inhale is best when the unit is properly cleaned and maintained. Vapor is much cleaner and gentler than smoke, but it can leave residue in the tubing, chamber and mouthpiece that can negatively affect the flavor. In order to get the maximum benefit from your vaporizer, take the time to clean it on a regular basis, and also periodically inspect it for any damage.

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