Herb Vaporizers: Good For Your Bank Account And Your Lungs

Vaporize your herbs and not your money

Iím no economist, but I am a taxpayer and a consumer. While government officials speak about the credit crunch and the foreign currency market, I am mostly concerned with the health of my bank account. Thanks to the mistakes made by Wall Street, the value of my home continues to decline but why cry over spilt milk? There isnít much I can do about it. What I can do is take a closer look at my spending habits and try to make the most of the dollars I am earning. One of the first conclusions I came to was this: Smoking costs way too much money! If not for your lungs, if not for your overall health, you should quit smoking because it makes good economic sense. When you consider income tax, sales tax, property tax, etc. the money you have in your wallet now is actually worth more than the money you will earn in the future, taking into account all the trouble you will have to go through to get it and keep it. So, a penny saved isnít just a penny earned; itís more, maybe even a penny and a half!

Think about all the extra costs associated with smoking: the lighters, the equipment, the cleaning products; the list continues from there. Not to mention the future health care costs that will most likely interfere with your retirement and jeopardize your insurance. Ask yourself, ďis it worth it?Ē You should Buy Vaporizers because they offer a less harmful method of inhalation, and also because they are cheaper to own, both long term and short term. Technology has improved and prices have come down considerably so you can Buy Herb Vaporizer that is quality and guaranteed for life so you will never have to worry about paying to repair or replace it. You will notice that your herbs also last longer with this method as opposed to smoking, an additional benefit that is cost saving as well as health conscious. Buy Vaporizers online from Vapenow.com for a wide selection of top of the line products and free shipping!

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