Handheld Vaporizers: Battery Vs. Lighter Power

Unless you have personally owned and used both, it may be a difficult task to choose between the two main types of Handheld Vaporizers: those with internal heating elements and those without. If you are not familiar with vaporizers and do not know about heating elements I will explain. First of all, vaporizers release the active ingredient of your herbs without burning them. There is no fire. Combustion is not required to enjoy the essence of your herbs when correctly using an herbal vaporizer. The herbs are heated to a temperature at which the active ingredient will evaporate but the plant material does not catch fire. Inhaling vapor as opposed to smoke can be much less harmful to your respiratory system and create a much more pleasant aromatic experience. Most vaporizers contain an internal heating element located somewhere near the herb receptacle. When the device is plugged in and turned on or otherwise powered up, the element warms up, causing the essence of your herbs to evaporate and then you inhale. There are a handful of Handheld Vaporizer units that harness the heat from a lighter’s flame to create the evaporation. These units have a barrier or filter to keep the fire from touching the plant material. For purposes of this discussion I will use the terms ‘battery powered’ and ‘lighter powered’ to describe the two different types.

At first glance one might immediately assume that the batter powered units are much better because they generally cost a lot more, but that is a hasty conclusion. In most cases you are paying for quality construction and a reliable piece of equipment. However, the electronic components do drive up the prices of battery powered Handheld Vaporizers quite a bit. The heating element, along with its housing and electronic connections, is expensive and time consuming to assemble. If we are talking about a forced air unit, then there will need to be a fan as well as a motor. Include the cost of the battery or power cord and it is clear that battery powered devices are relatively more expensive to own. When you have such sophisticated design with moving parts involved there is always the possibility of something breaking or wearing out. That item may or may not be covered under a warranty. On the positive side, it is easy to regulate the temperature with an internal element, especially if you there is a digital display. You decrease the chances of accidently burning your herbs or tobacco that way. These are all issues to consider when picking out a portable vaporizer.

A lighter powered Handheld Vaporizer does not contain all of those gadgets and gizmos and so the designs are usually very simple and compact. With no moving parts and no electrical components, there is less concern for things to go wrong. When you consider the long term reliability, extreme portability and low cost of ownership, the lighter powered device is pretty attractive. It can, however, be difficult to gauge the temperate of your herbs when using this type of device. It can take time to master the technique of using a lighter as a heat source. There is much more user control involved so one must concentrate in order produce the desired amount of vapor. It all boils down to personal preference and you should consider how and when you will use your device to determine which unit is right for you.

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