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A quality, versatile vaporizer at a tasty price

No one likes the taste of a stale bag. I have been vaporizing for a while now and I like the idea of filling a bag with vapor to enjoy at my leisure, but the longer I wait the worse the taste. Vapir is an innovative company and makes products that their customers can depend on. The Vapir One 5.0 is a forced air vaporizing unit that comes with new and improved vapor balloons not only keep the vapor fresher longer, but it also holds 35% more than their earlier bags. The first vaporizer I ever used was a volcano and the experience was a good one overall; it had impressive construction with its silver conical shape and an accurate digital display and temperature control. When I found out how much the unit cost ($669), I was much less impressed than I had been initially. Volcano vapes are great if you have an unlimited budget, but there are other options available for those looking for a quality product at a reasonable price. has vaporizer units for every budget.

Vapir makes a superior product for a great value so you are sure to get your moneyís worth. In fact, the Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer is the most affordable digital forced air vape on the market. It has 3 different fan settings so you have the option to inhale vapor directly from the unit itself or fill up the durable and reusable balloons. Volcano makes a great product, but for my needs and my budget, I am a lot happier with my decision to purchase the 5.0. The super friendly and helpful folks at helped me decide on which unit was right for me. I told them my budget and what features I like in a vaporizer and together we decided on this Vapir Vaporizer.

This machine is versatile allowing you to inhale directly from the mouthpiece or fill the balloon. Oftentimes my eyes are bigger than my lungs and I end up filling the disc to the point that it is too full. After Iíve had my fill using the mouthpiece, I can switch to the bag, vaporize the herbs remaining in the disc, and set it aside for later. It is nice knowing that I have a bag of fresh vapor waiting for me so I donít have to turn on my vaporizer later.

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