A New Year, A new Beginning, And A New Decade Without Smoke

Herbal Vaporizer Sales go up as people smoke less

The weather outside is getting chilly, most ladies are busy professional shopping, and most guys are drinking and watching way too much football (mostly to avoid the cold and the shopping and ladies we should be buying gifts for!). All these things signify the start of a new year. Not just any new year, 2010 marks the beginning of a new decade. I am not normally a fan of New Yearís resolutions, but if a person needs such a momentous occasion as an excuse to make some positive changes then so be it. I was a smoker for about ten years and if I would have waited any longer to quit I would probably be in bad shape by now; my lungs simply couldnít take any more. Ever the hypocrite, I myself quit smoking cold turkey on New Yearís Eve twenty-four months ago. I had just gotten off work and I was driving to a friendís house. She was having a party and I planned to have a few drinks and find someone to make out with while the ball dropped. Quitting had been on my mind for quite some time, but something inside me told me that tonight was the night. I blew out my last breath of smoke and didnít look back.

Only people that have successfully quit themselves seem to be willing to lend their support while you struggle through the process. Everyone else mocks and tempts and judges and is secretly jealous that they canít quit. Thankfully I ran into an Herbal Vaporizer Sale one day when I was feeling especially weak. Lord knows I wouldnít have been able to maintain my resolution otherwise. The vapor satisfied my cravings but did not aggravate my lungs like smoking did. I was working at a restaurant at the time and the majority of my coworkers smoked. Going outside for a smoke break is something of a rite of passage at many eateries and makes for a difficult quitting environment. It was a bit of luck that I stumbled on those Herbal Vaporizers when I did. If I hadnít I probably would have fallen back into my old way. For those of you who are ready to quit, visit Vapenow.com where you can find all the info you need plus plenty of high quality Herbal Vaporizers On Sale now. Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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